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Montie FM's Ako Gunn led attacks on Nana Addo's house – Nana Akomea

Comment: Re: Thief president

Mr Bond
2016-11-13 18:03:07
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Thief president

Folks,I can guarantee you that, at the rate at which peace council,Christian council and civil council are mute on this disgusting barbaric coward hooliganism unprovoked at on Nana Ado residence without any press conference to condemn this heinous barbaric disgraceful act shows the top hierarchy of both peace council and Christian council are diehard NDC goons and support evil and blood shed doings.Its time killer and murderer goons John Dramani Mahama change the name of peace council to war council and Christian council to evil or criminal council.for that organization support evil doing of government and if this is opposition and it was NPP supporters to throw stone unto evil criminal murderer John Dramani Mahama resident there that we will hear from evil criminals peace and Christian councils condemning the attack but when it comes from hooligans and goons NDC Peace and Christian councils are mute like they don't exist.wicked and criminal organizations.

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Re: Thief president
Mr Bond
11-13 18:03
Prince adum Bawuah
11-15 01:03