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Montie FM's Ako Gunn led attacks on Nana Addo's house – Nana Akomea

Comment: Re: Montie’s Ako Gunn led attacks against NPP – Na

2016-11-13 15:54:36
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Montie’s Ako Gunn led attacks against NPP – Na

Nana Akomiah I'm sorry but I don't like your style of communication. These people are violent and the only language they think they understand is violence be gat violence so why do you bring in Peace council headed by ndc paid Rev. Asanteh to do what? He calls himself a man of God but supretending a violent party and he comes to talk only when it goes against the ndc. The best thing to do is to inform the police and the army and if nothing is done then the people has nothing but to arm themselves to face these hoolums. They think politics is where to make money so do and die. You mentioned that ex-convict Akoh Gunn why don't you report him straight to the IGP because a month today your party will be in power so he has to listen to you more than the out going ndc,but here is Nana Akomiah behaving like a lady calling peace council,Christian council and those toothless institutions. We need men in front to hit hard these hooligans not the type of Nana Akomiah's nature. I tell ndc whatever they do they will GO and must be prepared to face the laws of our land,if even there is a coup still ndc will be punished. Which ever way they will be punished and whatever they will GO. Ghana is too big for such useless hooligans to take in charge of our country. NDC will GO and that party doesn't belong to Ghana so must be disbanded. We need civilized people who can think far in our politics not drug addicts and akpeteshie drunkards.

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Re: Montie’s Ako Gunn led attacks against NPP – Na
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Prince adum Bawuah
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