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Montie FM's Ako Gunn led attacks on Nana Addo's house – Nana Akomea

Comment: It's rather very disgusting .

2016-11-13 15:35:30
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Montie’s Ako Gunn led attacks against NPP – Na

This paid and hypocritical surrogates of the main opposition should stop this baseless accusations and coursing unnecessary panic in this country in a rap up to general elections .After all what had been their significant impact and contributions towards the build up of this nation, than saboteuring and nepotism both within and the international world.JM is campaigning on his track records, vision and demainer not leveling baseless accusations on nobody.Between npp and ndc who's incompetent and corrupt? You must thank the judiciary for their bias and hostile attitudes towards gov,ts.The bible says they shall be known by the fruit they bear no doubt their bought agents always used distasteful and insults on their opponents in any case, npp must first demonstrate their competence and preparedness to Ghanaians by holding their front together and showing able leadership.

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11-13 12:51
It's rather very disgusting .
11-13 15:35
Prince adum Bawuah
11-15 01:03