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Montie FM's Ako Gunn led attacks on Nana Addo's house – Nana Akomea

Comment: Police & Military be aware of NPP thugs

True Ghana Patriot.
2016-11-13 13:44:49
Comment to:
Montie’s Ako Gunn led attacks against NPP – Na

Information trickling in indicates that some selected NPP thugs and invisible forces have been secretly flown to and trained in South Africa by the deported South African mercenaries. That these thugs and invisible forces are back in Ghana after the training and ready to unleash violence in Ghana during and after the elections. Ghana Immigration officers on duty at the Airport and other entry points to Ghana should be able to submit names of those thugs or invisible forces to the Police and BNI for necessary action. It is better at this point for the Police and Military top shots to warn and deal swift and decisively, should any of them venture to do the unexpected. I wonder why these elephants think it is violence that can assure them victory come December 7. Wishful thinking indeed!

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11-13 12:51
Police & Military be aware of NPP thugs
True Ghana Patriot.
11-13 13:44
Prince adum Bawuah
11-15 01:03