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Incompetent leadership is the bane of Ghana - Nana Akomea

Comment: Present and past leadership the same!!

Dan Buduh
2016-11-07 14:57:22
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Incompetent leadership is the bane of Ghana - Nana

Nana Akomea thank you very much for your write up. Let me state that Ghana has had many poor, corrupt and incompetent leadership over the years. This included the PNDC/NDC as well as NPP during the Kuffour Administration. Let me just give one example why the NPP Administration under Kuffour was poor, corrupt and incompetent. One key leadership trait is to enhance and/or grow the resources inherited by the leader. To me, the fact that the NPP Govt sold some state properties: Ghana Telecom, Flagship Nkrumah (for which an amount of $3.5m remained unaccounted for that caused Honourable K.T Hammond pains), sale of lands and buildings (for which the one bought by the late ex-Chairman of NPP was a case in point) - are evidences of the poor, corrupt and incompetent leadership of the NPP Administration under Kuffour.
So Nana Akomea, leadership in Ghana, present and past are all poo, corrupt and incompetent - no exception. So please stop this noise making.

What personal properties did your members of government acquired when NPP was in power for 8 years? Properties you did acquire out of your hard-earned salaries? Can you be truthful to Ghanaians to say your NPP people never acquired any ill-gotten gain? The fuel filling stations by your Minsiters for Fuel & Power? We are aware of them all. So what authority do you have to talk about poor, corrupt and incompetent leadership!! You are one and the same type of leadership.
Thank you.

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11-06 17:46
Present and past leadership the same!!
Dan Buduh
11-07 14:57