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Akufo-Addo will destool Chiefs - Omane Boamah backs Mahama

Comment: NDC making the people more ignorant

2016-11-06 07:27:44
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This is the reason why I'm going to vote against the NDC. The make pedestrian arguments to drive the reasons why people should vote for them. How feasible is it for any president to destool a chief in present day Ghana?
Was mahama divisive when he removed erring ministers. Has the NDC not beaten up key party functionaries and had them left the party (Obed Asamoah, Frances Essiam, Beide Zede, etc) Is it divisiveness?
Was it not true that after the suspension of Afoko and Kwabena, the NPP is now more united than before?
If the NDC wants numbers, why not lobby these suspended NPP rebels into its fold?
I have taken a key notice of NDC TV ads and get disappointed. They lack substance and message. Not surprising, the President himself have been making watered down campaign utterances these days.

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NDC making the people more ignorant
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