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Supreme Court to close presidential disqualification cases on Monday

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Ali Toronto
2016-11-04 15:12:29
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Supreme Court to close presidential disqualificati

The electoral rules entitle nominated candidates to be notified of errors on their nomination forms and be given the chance to correct such errors within a nomination period. However, rather than errors there have been forgeries and acts of deliberate deception committed in the completion of some nomination forms as a result of which the EC rejected those nominations outright without giving a chance for rectification.

To prevent the High Courts from making and/or following a possible faulty precedence, the Supreme Court needs to step in. The common thread and fundamental issue in all of this which the Supreme Court must clarify is this:

1) Does responsibility lie with nominees for fraudulent acts committed by their subscribers in the completion of nomination forms, at least on grounds of complicity in light of sworn declarations by nominees that their nomination forms have been properly completed?

2) If not stipulated in the election rules, is it within the EC’s jurisdiction, authority and powers, and is it reasonable and in the broader social interest of discouraging and preventing crime, for the EC instantly reject nomination forms that have been fraudulently and criminally completed?

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11-04 15:06
GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!
Ali Toronto
11-04 15:12