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Power play at Immigration Head Quarters

Comment: Power play at immigration Head Quarters

nana akuffo addo
2016-11-03 11:00:03
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Power Play At Immigration HQ

The writer is one of our npp best bigot. He was rented and instructed to spew all the usual npp shribe venom on poor Mrs Djokoto, because she is an Ewe. It does not take a genus to detect the wilful tribalistic slant of this piece of thrash the author of this article wishes intelligent and biased readers to believe. However, we in the npp are proud to have writers like that in our mist. Long live nnp, long live mate meho, long live the danquah-busia tradition.

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11-03 04:43
Power play at immigration Head Quarters
nana akuffo addo
11-03 11:00