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We won’t vote for Mahama if … – Volta residents

Comment: We won't vote Mahama if .....

2016-10-19 11:38:05
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We won’t vote for Mahama if … – Volta reside

There are lot to be done about Ghana and this can't be done in four years so my people Voltarians should exercise patients because it's only NDC which thinks about the good of Volta. Today we also have University and an airport. There are more to come . Our roads, schools and hospitals will improve. NDC thought of constructing a harbour long before npp and this has been copied from NDC manifesto. There has already been a survey work done at Keta and you can check up this from Ghana port and harbour authority or ministry of transport. Since Nkrumah time this U P party doesn't think any thing good for you . How many universities did they build . How many hospitals ? They only complain about every project in Ghana, from Akosombo dam, Tema harbour, motorway , to even university in the north. When the came to power they couldn't even complete Kumasi road, let alone extending water to major parts of Accra and Tema. Kufour and looted and saved in Panama and built shopping mail and hotel. Who can say these about JJ or JM.All Npp say is the people are hungry . But when given power they forget about people and sell already created companies and pockets the money. Don't be fooled. They will sell more companies and say Ghana is broke and that they to sell and raise money to help the economy like they did to Ghana telecom and Ghana airways. Nana is worse. He is broke that is why he force his way to stand when the party was against his nomination. Nana should tell Ghanaians where he will get money to run Ghana if he will reduce all taxes and make most things free. Ghanaians wise up

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We won't vote Mahama if .....
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