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I've GFA's support - Grant

Comment: Level headed Grant

2016-10-17 16:24:53
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I've GFA's support - Grant

Grant:“Everybody knows what happened before the game against Rwanda and everybody knows what happened now":

What had actually happened? Do you know Ghanaians currently pushing towards 27 million and as such, not too many of us might have known or heard about the going ons in most establishments? such as yours?

Grant: Do you physically live in Ghana?

S'Berta: What about if I don't?
At least, I know the GBS has a coach named Avrant Grant who is purportedly preparing the Boys for the CAF and the WC retroactively?

Grant: You have refused to answer the question I had asked earlier on:

S'Berta: OOPS! nearly forgot.
Yep, am a full blown resident Ghanaian whose utmost passion is nothing but football.

Grant: Why then are you pretending you do not know what is happening in and around the game you claimed to love so much:

Am engaging you this morning based on what you have put up here on the mere assumption that, everybody knows what is going on in the GBS camp when in fact, we hardly know anything at all.
But Mr Grant, as a coach/employee, don't you think it was incumbent on you to have alerted the people you worked for, as well as the teaming fans about the impending trouble that was most likely to have affected your job/field-play? Couldn't the situation demand your elderly and professional input to quell the impasse?

Grant: I am a coach and not a mediator.

Why then are you complaining? Are you being honest with me?

The truth I gather now is that, before the ill-fated Uganda/Rwanda matches, you had decided to stay aloof in your habitual nonchalant and lackadaisical vein with the view: 'win or lose' your $50 grand was a sure bet, Wasn't it?

No! Not at all. Why are you thinking for me? I always stand for the truth. The 50K is the least on the market. I love Ghana I had to take less. You guys must appreciate me.

However,when players have to buy their own tickets. It’s not professional, and things on the pitch are not professional.

Professional, you mean?
Grant: Yes.

Are you being professional when you detest staying at the precincts of your employ albeit the rampant 'French Leave' you randomly take immediately after matches in the name of scouting and feasibility studies that does not benefit your employee?
If a national coach refuses to attend local matches9the League) to avail himself with progress and future callups, if a coach is unable to convert players to effectively run his causes would you call such a coach a professional who is cutely conversant with his job.
If a coach plays and win no wins,unable to make effective subs, no strategic order amidst without the much needed charismatic zeal to motive players, a face always gloomy with no rapid consultation with his tech-men, what have you?.
Would you consider such a coach a professional?

Am sorry you feel that way. The world afar is aware of my ingenuity and experience. I have real connections world wide.I have coached many renowned teams in Europe.

Am sorry to say, but Mr Grant, you may have been all you have been in the past. Yep! your self trumpeted feat elsewhere now belongs to the past. You have outlived your usefulness in Ghana. You are therefore advised to proceed to Israel not to return to the shores of Ghana. Not anymore.

Grant:People with sense in their head will know that preparation is very important and even the coach of Uganda said this.”

You had earlier on dilated on the issue of 'professionalism'
Now, you have the nerve,the gut and the audacity with such impudence to dwell on 'Preparation' i.e. quoting such lousy and preposterous misgivings as: "people with sense in their head"
The last time I checked, you had over stayed your French Leave in Europe for well over three months before you touched down in anticipation of preparing for Uganda. You had only a day respite in Accra.You flew to Tamale for a two-day comic rehearsals in Tamale before trooping on the field that resulted in a stalemate.
Do you call this an adequate preparation for a coveted world cup?
By your three draws and a lousy win, what are the guarantees for our 4th return to Russia18?
Beats Me.

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Level headed Grant
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