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I've GFA's support - Grant

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2016-10-17 15:58:18
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He has a point

The Don,

I agree with you. I've said this for many years that the GFA and the Sports Ministry is flat out dysfunctional, and I think it has gotten worse since Brazil 2014. It seems nothing has been learned for the fiasco, and no matter what people say, it IS affecting the team.

We've had Milovan, Kwesi Appiah, Sevan Goranavic, etc as coaches and now Avram Grant, and the SAME ugly problems rear it's ugly head. Until these internal issues are resolved, NO TOP QUALITY COACH WILL COME TO GHANA, PERIOD.

Remember when Patrick Kluvert was on the coaching list? Or the current coach of Peru? No coach will want to deal with this nonsense! No money to fly players in 4 days before a match. The players DO support Grant, but they are not happy with the situation between the GFA and the Government. They can bring in Jurgen Klopp for all I can, NOTHING WILL FIX THIS.

Honestly, I feel sorry for Avram because I really think he is trying to do his job, but there are people above him who are making it difficult for him.
Look what happened to Egypt 4 years ago. Their country and their FA was in shambles, and their golden generation wasted their talent...The same thing is happened to my Blackstars.

I'm glad Avram has thick skin, and doesn't even care what the press has to say. They want him to live in Ghana, but when he does come to Ghana, he has to live in a HOTEL?!?! At least give him a house to live in..

So much dysfunction it's killing the team.

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