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Outboard motor distribution not abuse of incumbency – Batidam

Comment: FORWARD EVER! * NO RETREAT,??????

Wontumi (London)
2016-10-15 10:38:29
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Outboard motor distribution not abuse of incumbenc

All these arguments, will not and cannot win power for npp. So those institutions, who are bend on helping them to discredit the 'CLEAR' achivements of JDM and NDC government, should find something better to tell the good people of Ghana. Discerning Ghanaians, are at the moment waiting for the 7th of Dec, to vote massively for the President to retained him to continue his transformation of Ghana.'It's obvious we are all going to see the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel.

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10-15 07:29
Wontumi (London)
10-15 10:38