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I have never heard the word ‘inflation’ - GFP running mate

Comment: Re: O mighty Ghana! dost thy lie so low?

2016-10-05 12:36:43
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O mighty Ghana! dost thy lie so low?

Oh Ghana can we be serious for once what's all this comedy.This lady hasn't heard of inflation before how on earth do you expect her to understand economics to work for the good of Ghana? Why are we entertaining such ignorant people. I am not saying those who didn't have the opportunity to be schooled are stupid but let be honest no such person without the knowledge of inflation ,economics,global politics can lead a nation.If Ekua Donkoh and her running mate claim to have solution fo Ghana what they should do is render it in the form of advice but not just come out to stand election.I see it as a joke and in fact she has been joking all along.Where we are now in our economy we need people with better sence on how to turn collapsing economy around.We are just joking with our country so please let's be serious for once we have a great test ahead

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10-05 12:36
Re: O mighty Ghana! dost thy lie so low?
10-05 12:36