Mahama using Ghana’s money to 'chew guinea fowl' - Bawumia | (comment 13689320)
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Mahama using Ghana’s money to 'chew guinea fowl' - Bawumia


2016-09-29 23:25:00
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Mahama using Ghana’s money on Guinea fowl - Bawu

If there is any human being in this world who love to chew guinea fowl, then that person is very right. Most people attribute guinea fowl to the notherners as the sole patronising people in Ghana but I think this is not true. Guinea fowl is patronised by professional chillers all over the globe and I am one of them. I had the opportunity to taste guinea fowl light soup on a visit to the north for the first time in my life and there are four things which made my two weeks stay a memorable one. First is the hospitality of the people. Number two on the list is the gorgeous looking savannah girls .Number three is guinea fowl light soup and last on the list is the traditional northern pito beer. Both Bawumia and Mahama are notherners but because of politics, they are always engaged in war of words as if they are bitter enemies. Back home, these two savannah boys will brush aside their political differences just to enjoy guinea fowl light soup or charcoal grilled guinea fowl together. Concomitantly, they will be sipping the local pito as they professionally masticate the guinea fowls amidst making mockery of the akans as useless rat consumers. Even though I am a southerner, I totally agree with the savannah people any time I hear them making mockery of the akans for their inordinate desire to enjoy rat meat. Since we do lambast them for their dog eating habit, they also have the right to call us rat eaters. Dr Bawumia is a master guinea fowl chewer himself so for him to accuse his savannah brother of using state funds to chew guinea fowl is nothing more than jealousy. He simply can't understand why Mahama who is his guinea fowl chewing brother is now eating belly full alone. Well, these are hard days and no more guinea fowl brotherhood so the battle line is now drawn between two savannah brothers.

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Ghanaians are soo poor they going loc
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