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Chiefs insistent on getting 10% oil revenue

Comment: the chief is right!!!!

2016-09-20 14:18:41
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Ebby, pls go back to your books and read about mineral rights and royalties to sustain and develop affected communites in Ghana. It is through these royalties that some communities in South Africa and Europe for example have become kra bewhe. Again the portion of the sea in which oil is being drilled is part of GHANA and as such part of the western region. The effects of drilling are heavy on these communities. The chief is very right. And it has been agreed upon in 2009 so government should deliver. This government has a problem of delivering on its promises and especially with oil money. Ebby, pls read a little before you comment on issues. It will be of great help to all of us.

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09-20 11:50
the chief is right!!!!
09-20 14:18