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Amidu’s take on Montie trio wrong – Ayikoi Otoo

Comment: Response To Insults At Ayikoi Atoo.

2016-08-17 18:20:31
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Amidu’s take on Montie trio wrong – Ayikoi Oto

Some of you comment foolishly as if you never had any educational background. Ayikoi Otoo first of all respected the opinions of Amidu before disagreeing with them. The fact that Amidu had one time been an Attorney General doesn't mean he can interprate the laws more than the supreme court judges. If he could, he should have been judge in the law courts. My point is that so far as he is not a judge,he cannot just sit down and formulate theories for our consumption. Ayikoi's take on the matter was just to reinstate what the judges had said earlier and some of you here just sit down on social media because you do not have any proper upbringing and insult someone. Ever your parents at home can't compare themselves to Ayikoi, what did Amidu ever gain ministerial appointment? That was in the year 2009 and Ayikoi had his as an Attorney General before that time,he sometime ago rejected an appointment as a justice of the supreme court. Amidu in his life never had something like that. I would just advice you the big mouths to go back for your manners. Thank you.

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Response To Insults At Ayikoi Atoo.
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