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Amidu’s take on Montie trio wrong – Ayikoi Otoo

Comment: Re: Use you head

Okonko Palm
2016-08-17 16:52:45
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Use you head

Some times we erroneously believe that the sc is above the law and constitution.No its role role is to interpret the law but can not make public policies.

That is why law making is exclusive to parliament.If the sc should exceed its constitutional mandate then it is up to jurists like Amidu to help with the laws intent.

Unlike some Supreme Courts in other parts of the world, the Ghana Supreme Court does not have the power to 'strike down' legislation passed by the Ghana Parliament.

It is the Court's role to interpret the law and develop it where necessary, rather than formulate public policy.

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08-17 15:13
Re: Use you head
Okonko Palm
08-17 16:52