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Amidu’s take on Montie trio wrong – Ayikoi Otoo

Comment: Use you head

2016-08-17 16:50:41
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Re: Amidu’s take on Montie trio wrong – Ayikoi Oto

Opinion Palm, stop following as a political fanatic and observe and analyze issues as a critical thinker.
First of all, it is not a lengthy written opinion that makes an opinion make sense, rather the substance of the opinion.
Secondly, the only position of the law, is the position of the Supreme Court. And until this Muntie Case, the position of the law was that people the court deemed to have conducted themselves in contempt can be summoned and charged and jailed if found guilty by the Supreme Court. No references,no cases and no other law is bigger than that.

That is the power the constitution gives to the SC.
Instead quoting Amidu's position and arguing with that adopted by Ayiquaye's , you chose the lazy and useless way of just defending on the insult tangent.

You must live above reproach.

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08-17 15:13
Use you head
08-17 16:50