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Musician Daasebre Gyamenah is dead

Comment: MUSIGA Can Do Only Little. Musicians Mus

G. K. Berko
2016-07-29 10:55:47
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MUSIGA can only do as much as the component members empower it to do. It cannot just spontaneously adopt and implement policies that the Regulations of the Association do not allow.

It is therefore up to the Musicians themselves to chart their own path through life to a successful end. They need to invest wisely some of the revenues they make. They need to insure their Health appropriately and they need to keep close eye on their finances, especially if they are in the charge of a hired professional.

The fast stream of cash into the Pockets of prolific Musicians often mislead them to take many things for granted. And when life gets harder later on, it catches them unprepared.

Such is not anything MUSIGA can help much with. But I would suggest that the little MUSIGA could do must include providing information and Educational resources on Finance and Life Management.

This topic touches on why our parents in the olden days were not very enthused about careers in Music and show Business. Many Musicians were vulnerable to the snares of fast life and early ending. They spent as fast as they got the money. They were easily seduced into lasciviousness, excessive drinking and irresponsible wasteful spending.

And they fail to take good care of their bodies, as well. Parents therefore often steered their children away from show Business in Ghana, no matter how musically gifted the children were.

We have come a long way, now. And there are plenty of lessons Musicians of today and other Celebrities could benefit from, if they would just pay more attention.

The problem with Contracts and Business Management has been fairly controlled with Copyright and Patent Laws and other legal constraints. Musicians can therefore help themselves more by demanding fair Contracts. That is one area MUSIGA could help more by setting up some method of Arbitration to protect its members from being cheated by greedy Producers, etc.

Long Live Ghana!!!

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MUSIGA Can Do Only Little. Musicians Mus
G. K. Berko
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