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Musician Daasebre Gyamenah is dead

Comment: black magic

satanic church
2016-07-29 10:24:34
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Musician Daasebre Gyamenah is dead

Traditional Satanism is not simply an inversion, but a complete rejection of the images of a
00233244908520particular culture, religion, or philosophy. From there a Satanist uses those images against the ethos itself, that was once his own conditioning. Persons who participate in traditional Satanic masses sometimes experience a king of 'sartori', a sudden enlightenment, to an increase in their own consciousness, and feeling stronger and satisfied because they had broken with the constraining opposites. In other words, at its highest level Satanism uncovers what the ethos of a particular community or society has covered up through images, dogma, words and ideas, returning the individual to the primal chaos out of which 'opposites' were created." ~ Magister Hagur, Temple of Atazoth Office

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Kweku Boateng Jnr.
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black magic
satanic church
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