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NPP must purge itself of ‘dirt’ like Ken Agyapong – Betty Mould

Comment: Re: NPP must purge itself of ‘dirt’ like Ken Agyap

2016-06-30 23:57:10
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NPP must purge itself of ‘dirt’ like Ken Agyap

Who is more dirty than you, foolish woman like that. Ghana is in crossroads because of your diabolic ways of condoning and conniving with criminals to steal from the nations coffers. Ghana has descended into gutter because of hypocrisy and double standards in the current administration and the previous ones. What is the hullabaloo for? Ghanaians should put on their thinking caps on and stop the nonsense about Kennedy Agyepong. There are more important issues to be talked about, and not insults. After all we all know that insults does not kill. If it does then the short man, NANA AKUFFO and RAWLINGS might have died longtime ago. The government should rather sit up and address the economic, social and cultural issues facing our beloved nation. Tweaaa! Look at something called Betty Mould. This woman, too, has the audacity to ask for Purging in the NPP. Was it not this very woman who aided and abetted WOYOME the NDC financier to robbed the nations coffers of millions of dollars? The result was a total disaster in the society. Betty Mould should be purged first before any other person.

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06-29 13:53
Re: NPP must purge itself of ‘dirt’ like Ken Agyap
06-30 23:57
Nantwi, BSEd, MSEd(ece), MSEd(sas)
07-02 09:55