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NPP must purge itself of ‘dirt’ like Ken Agyapong – Betty Mould

Comment: Prosecute Hate Preacher Ken Agyapong

2016-06-29 20:44:26
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Ken Agyapong = Nana Addo

But my disappointment lies in laws of Ghana.They seem to be very ineffective!!!!!. I wonder if there are laws in Ghana to prosecute those who preach hate and devisory public speech. These are definitely not part of freedom of speech or part of human right.This act of lawlessness has always been the practice of politics by the UP,PP,AND NOW THE NPP, since independence.Are these people who make up the core of Ashanti/Akyem group still refusing to be civil? We are in 2016 it's a new age now. You don't go about lying and abusing your President and women in the society to win votes !!!!.Preachers of hate and devisory language should prosecuted by the state. What are the state judicial and security agencies doing looking on?

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06-29 13:53
Prosecute Hate Preacher Ken Agyapong
06-29 20:44
Nantwi, BSEd, MSEd(ece), MSEd(sas)
07-02 09:55