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NPP must purge itself of ‘dirt’ like Ken Agyapong – Betty Mould

Comment: What are we living for

2016-06-29 16:49:24
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NPP must purge itself of ‘dirt’ like Ken Agyap

Betty mould is also a woman CRIMINAL for UNLAWFULLY assisting Wayome to DUPE GHANA of million of tax payers' money for NO WORK DONE.EVERY criminal ASSISTANT STANDS TO GAIN out of IT.BETTY, YOU HAVE A HEAVY CRIME IN YOUR HANDS.MIND YOU A WOMAN WITH A CRIMINAL INTENTION and participating in it.MOULD, a political criminal you have no MORAL RIGHT to make youe comments. JUST SHUT UP and WAIT.

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06-29 13:53
What are we living for
06-29 16:49
Nantwi, BSEd, MSEd(ece), MSEd(sas)
07-02 09:55