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NPP must purge itself of ‘dirt’ like Ken Agyapong – Betty Mould

Comment: I Don't Support Ken But Betty Mould Shut

Obiri Yeboah. Lond
2016-06-29 16:11:01
Comment to:
NPP must purge itself of ‘dirt’ like Ken Agyap

I don't support what Ken Agyapong did,but with due respect Betty Mould Iddrisu should shut her big mouth.The downfall of Ghanaians is all because of you Betty Mould and your greedy NDC members.You are the one who paid the Woyome money to him for no work done.Betty Mould is a disgrace to all Ghanaians.I wish you were the one Ken is ruining the insult.I would have congratulate him for insulting you.I don't think any sensible person in Ghana respect Betty Mould Iddrisu fro putting Ghana into huge debt, and you still have the power to open your stinky mouth to fight for somebody.The most useless attorney general in Ghana's history. You are not ashamed to come publicly to defend somebody.Ghana's most disgraceful woman,let this be your last time of coming out to talk or trying to say something in public.Betty Mould Iddrisu you created the Loot and share in NDC party.Now look at the situation in Ghana,I always respect women else I would have say naughty things to you you shameless bitch.As soon as Mahamah lose the election,know that you will also go to prison.The reason why you are not in prison now is you president is the number one thief in Ghana,therefore he can not arrest another thief.Good name is better than riches.

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06-29 13:53
I Don't Support Ken But Betty Mould Shut
Obiri Yeboah. Lond
06-29 16:11
Nantwi, BSEd, MSEd(ece), MSEd(sas)
07-02 09:55