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Arrested Easter Development

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Mr Bond
2016-03-30 03:42:22
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Arrested Easter Development

Mr Casely-Hayford,don't mind NDC fools and ignorants that thinks they know but know not fools.Mr Hayford my problem is that I don't understand why Ghana Amnesty International never criticize police brutality on peaceful demonstrators and BNI molestation of political opponents and individuals and they are mute like as if Ghana Amnesty International that supervise and Check human right abuse has no presence in Ghana and all this injustices president John Dramani Mahama and his zombie bootlick BNI perpetuate against opposers of criminality in government but when former president Jerry John Rawlings call for the killings of president John Dramani Mahama and his goons criminal partners all heel break loose from Ghana Amnesty International and the noise they make shows when it comes to human rights they are bias towards opposition parties and support all the brutality,molestation and injustice perpetuate against Ghanians by NDC criminals government.

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