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MANASSEH’S FOLDER: Victimised NPP does not deserve sympathy

Comment: ndc is too scared of npp and. nana addo

Omanba Pa lslington- London
2016-03-30 05:04:41
Comment to:
masassehs folder

The NDC and their evil people in Ghana have realised that their plans to limit NANA ADDO and NPP has backed fired and therefore they are shaking like a jelly in a bow.
They cannot understand why is it that anything they plan against Nana is not working any longer?
The answer is that the battle is the Lord's is still at work and no man on this planet is greater than God the Almighty!
A time has come for Ghanaians to come together to deliver Ghana from the hands of foreigners. Ghana belongs to Ghanaians but not foreigners who do not have heart for our nation but rather taking our money and resources to foreign countries whilst the real citizens are suffering. Is that what we want?
Desperate John Dramani Mahama and NDC are doing what they can to kill Nana Addo and Doctor Bawumia and if you are challenging me listen to this. If NDC and John Dramani mahama could killed their own man Fifi Atta Mills because of power why can't they do that to Nana and Bawumia?
Oba nyansani yebu no be na yenka no asem, meaning A word to the wise is enough. I' m done Omanba Pa London.

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03-29 11:27
ndc is too scared of npp and. nana addo
Omanba Pa lslington- London
03-30 05:04