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Video: Brussels attacks 'leave 26 dead'

Comment: Islam?

2016-03-22 07:38:11
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23 killed in Brussels Airport attack

Saddens me when people claim the atrocities perpetrated by these deranged people are justifiable because the West meddles in the affairs of Arabs. Either these guys are ignorant or downright disingenuous. Consider the following
- before 9/11 which Muslim country had the Americans invaded and who were they occupying?
-Before the bombings of the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in the 1990s what had America done?
- Before the first bombing of the WTC in the 1990s what wrong had America Committed?
Yes the West may have erred in invading Iraq(second invasion) and were wrong to have deposed our beloved Col in Lybia. Afghanistan was no doubt justifiable.
Consider this
1 Who is killing Muslims in suicide bombings in Iraq at the moment?
2 Who is killing Muslims in Syria?
Muslims need to admit that there is something fundamentally wrong with any religion that justifies the killing of those opposed to it's beliefs and which seems to say you can have access to Jannah if u kill in the name of God.
See how all those fleeing Afghanistan/Syria and Iraq all want to settle in the West? Ironically the same West you hate and want to destroy. I have always wondered why they don't go to Dubai/Qatar etc. The west has something Islam hasn't.
Every religion needs to evolve to remain relevant and until Islam realises this it will remain a quintessential medieval religion

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My problem is northerners. NTAFO)
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