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Video: Brussels attacks 'leave 26 dead'

Comment: Check Ur Religion

koo Owuo
2016-03-22 07:16:24
Comment to:
May Allah forgive u

Medmad,i can see ur moslem n didnt like wht i said.wasnt mohammed a pediofil?didnt he marry 9yrs old aisha?didnt he take women as sex slave?didnt he other moslems to kill unbelievers?didnt he kill thousand in war?u no,u need Jesus like A.S.A.P medman n stop following dis crazy religions tht sanctions holy war physically the most aborminable one can do in dis generation is to fight God's a direct insult to God vry sacrillagious.

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03-22 09:37
Check Ur Religion
koo Owuo
03-22 07:16
My problem is northerners. NTAFO)
03-22 11:16