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Video: Brussels attacks 'leave 26 dead'

Comment: Mad Moslems At It Again

koo Owuo
2016-03-22 06:31:28
Comment to:
23 killed in Brussels Airport attack

Aaaah,da mad religious islam is at it again.they hv to kill so their god allah wil hv blood to bring everyday.u kill innocent people n ur say ur for peace.fuck Isam n piss be upon their demon prophet.low life moslems need Jesus like right now.FUCK UR PEDIOFIL PROPHET N I PISS ON HIM FOR PUTTING SUCH A CURSE RELIGION UPON MANKIND

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03-22 09:37
Mad Moslems At It Again
koo Owuo
03-22 06:31
My problem is northerners. NTAFO)
03-22 11:16