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Mahama’s appointees are sabotaging him - Kofi Wayo

Comment: The problem hungs on the president.

Senior citizen - Germany
2016-03-15 18:52:44
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Mahama’s appointees are sabotaging him - Kofi Wa

Kofi Wayo,Ghana has not seen anythng yet.more and more scandals are on its way coming,since it is not by human efforts to saboutage Mr Hamidu Mahamas Government,The problem is like an abatros hunging on the neck of the president himself,and not until he has found the right solution, he would continue to be scandalous if even he stays in power for 100 years.I have written on this forum several times to enable me to contact him and formally imform him what he must do to amaliorate himself from the problem,but all my efforts have fallen on deaf and blind notes.Some people may be punished for wrong doing but the fundemental problem rest on the shoulders of the president himslf.I offered my Name and telephone number to contact me to imform him what can be done as I have already said but all have proved invain.It looks as if the presidential staffers do not read what is going on in Ghanaweb they might have mistakingly think Iam one of those who write insulting languages on Ghana web.Well,time will tell.

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03-15 17:34
The problem hungs on the president.
Senior citizen - Germany
03-15 18:52