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I won't stop talking about achievements - Mahama to Nana


2016-02-29 17:39:33
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I won't stop talking about achievements - Mahama t

What achievements paaaaaaaa is John Dramani Mahama talking about? What is the achievements he touts? Where is it?
This is a gov't that has benefited from record cocoa prices but currently the cocoa sector has collapsed.
This is a gov't that has benefited from oil proceeds, the first gov't in Ghana's history, but the cash from the oil is used for the branding of buses as in an exercise in thievery.
This is a gov't that has benefited from the windfall from taxes and more taxes and more taxes never before experienced by any gov't since Ghana gained independence in 1957.
This is a gov't that has borrowed and borrowed and borrowed more money than all gov'ts combined from 1957.
So what achievements paaaaaaaaaa is John Dramani Mahama of the NDC gov't talking about? Where is that achievement he is talking about?
Under his watch unemployment is through the roof. Under his watch the economy is retrogressing with growth projected to be at less than 3.7% ending 2016 from a high of 8.4% in 2008, in the absence of oil, record windfall from taxes, unprecedented borrowing etc, etc.
So what again paaaaaaaaaaa is John Mahama's achievements he claims he won't stop talking about in this country?
Clearly, the reality on the ground shows, the achievements John Dramani Mahama says he won't stop talking about is only in his head, indeed it is a figment of his own racing imagination and for this lack of appreciation of the Ghanaian situation, shows not only is John Dramani Mahama very out of touch with the hopes and aspirations of the Ghanaian, he is completely clueless as to how to move this country forward and must therefore be shown the exit from the Flagstaff House, which has become the powerhouse of Ghana's retrogression and stagnation, as opposed to the driving force of Ghana's progress, under the administration of John Mahama of the NDC gov't.
The failed leadership and governance of John Dramani Mahama must therefore GO, enough is enough.
Ghanaians are demanding this change and insist on this change. John Mahama must and should go.

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