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Legalise cannabis – Kofi Annan

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Akans Prophecies
2016-02-23 12:57:54
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Proposals Long Overdue

This is a bombshell. I dont think this can leave any legacy to Kofi Annan's western imperial record. Ghana is in a continent where one is taught, to reason ,act and to obey the forces stronger nations. But why dhould this come from a Kofi Annan ? I am ashamed !, because a little student girl repented from smoking this mind bugging parasite product , and was nearly crazy , until she was saved. And even if it was for medical reasons Kofi Annan, in his capacity as a contributor of a solem world , have no right for this suggestion ! The mentality of our continental population is not that of the industrialised world. So why should Kofi Annan wants to betray us ! Pollutions,filth, dust, and now the diasease ! No ! Thanks , Kofi Annan . We have already had a mad president made out of this substance , and we know who is jj rawlings !

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Re: Proposals Long Overdue
Akans Prophecies
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