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'Dumsor' cost Ghana nearly Ghc1b in 2014 – ISSER

Comment: Mahama Calls It "Better Ghana" !

Jato Julor (J.J.) Rawlings
2015-04-10 20:52:15
Comment to:
Pepeni Mahama is destroying Ghana

Mahama and his NDC thieves call it "Better Ghana" !

The number of Ghanaian lives lost during this "dumsor" regime cannot be quantified.

May the gods of Ankobra River, Asuakawkaw River, Ayensu River ,Benchema River , Bia River , Birim River, Black Volta river, Daka river ,Dayi River ,Densu River, Edam river, Fia river, Jelem river, Kwasu river,Kpeshi Lagoon, Menu river, Mo River, Nasia River ,Nini River, Nuboi River ,Nworanae River ,Ofin River ,Ongwam river, Oti River, Oyoko river ,Pra River , Pru River, Pumpum River, Sanwu river, Sene River, Tano River, Tsatsadu River,Volta River , Wawa river,White Volta River ,Wurudu River,Lake Bosumtwi, Korle,Klottey,Kpeshie, Sakumono and Ada Foah Lagoons, inflict the arses of all the NDC thieves in power, who have visited the immeasurable hardship on innocent Ghanaians !

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04-10 15:33
Mahama Calls It "Better Ghana" !
Jato Julor (J.J.) Rawlings
04-10 20:52