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'Dumsor' cost Ghana nearly Ghc1b in 2014 – ISSER

Comment: We Haven't Seen Nothing Yet

mensah abrampa
2015-04-10 21:15:49
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'Dumsor' cost Ghana nearly Ghc1b in 2014 – ISSER

Did "dumsor"catch the administration napping and if the answer is yes then what are their priorities for this nation? What's the essence of dotting hospitals and schools at greater expense in some"back down"place when existing ones are non functional and all that it'd take to make them fully functional is the infusion of lesser amounts of money?
I believe fiscal indiscipline and corruption constitute the bane of this administration. Everyone, from the President to the sector ministers all the way down are over-spending their budget but we're yet to see any meaningful development. The reason why they're floundering and cannot get a grip on anything is either they're either torn between making an impression on the electorate for re-election before the 2016 election without counting the cost or they're too occupied stealing as much money as they can lay their filthy hands on . Now they're second guessing themselves as "dumsor" worsens their plight. Sit tight. There's more bad news.

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04-10 15:33
We Haven't Seen Nothing Yet
mensah abrampa
04-10 21:15