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'Dumsor' cost Ghana nearly Ghc1b in 2014 – ISSER

Comment: This is very conservative estimate

Kofi Ata, Cambridge, UK
2015-04-10 18:53:11
Comment to:
I bet it was closer to 1b or more

I believe ISSER's estimate of how much dumsor is causing Ghana and Ghanaians is very conservative. Dumsor is killing the Ghanaian economy and if the urgency that it deserves is not given, depreciation of the cedi and inflation could be worst. Sadly, I am not sure that the current crop of ministers understand the desperation to end dumsor because they seem not to be proactive but rather reactive. For example, it has been reported that two ships generating power are expected from Turkey but no preparatory work is ongoing to receive the ships or to put pylons in place to connect the power from the ships to the national grid. They are waiting until the ships arrive in Ghana and then they will realise that pylons would be needed to get the power from the ships onto the national grid. There is forward thinking or planning.

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04-10 15:33
This is very conservative estimate
Kofi Ata, Cambridge, UK
04-10 18:53