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The Brutal Dictatorship of Kwame Nkrumah II

Comment: No yours is upside down.

Captain Canada
2015-02-06 03:02:17
Comment to:
Your Logic is Upside Down

They were the robbers trying rob Nkrumah of his life. How did your reckon he was the wrong one? Your view is upside down. It is why all your arguments are upside down. The criminals are the good guys and the lawful leader of the country, who was elected for your information, is the bad guy? Get real. The democracy you claim and due process didn't exists in colonial Ghana and didn't exist under your troop of baboons under busia. You guys don't believe in democracy stop pretending you do. If JB Danquah is your idol then your are a terrorist apologist. The nerve of you calling yourself a Ghanaian when you spew garbage about the very person for which you owe that identity to. Danquah was a traitor and a terrorist and he deserves worse than he got. Those innocent people who perished from his bomb throwing deserve better. Her let me clear it for you. With Danquah there wouldn't have been Ghana or anything close to a country. Except a backwater piece like akyem abuakwa. As a Ghanaian I say fuck Danquah and his followers. May they suffer wherever they are. Yes enjoy you stay in the US and remember your so called glorious coup of 1966 is the reason you and you asante people are the majority of Ghanaian cleaning toilets and wiping shitty bottoms abroad. Enjoy it.

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02-04 01:07
No yours is upside down.
Captain Canada
02-06 03:02