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The Brutal Dictatorship of Kwame Nkrumah II

Comment: The trouble with you, "Dr" SAS

2015-02-04 20:27:40
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Re: Thank you, Mr. Yeboah! The loudest elit

Sarfo is trying too hard to be noticed which only betrays his own insecurities and 'intellectual dwarfism'. It is very childish to think that only your views, (usually not supported by hard facts) and lacking any objectivity or good balance, is the best 'bread in town'. Until, and unkless you learn the art of intellectual discourse, you will remain a minnow.

Clearly you did not benefit from Nkrumah's MASSIVE educational programme for a nation whose population at the time of independence had less than 30 per cent national educational coverage.

You must also be careful to accord respect to those 'intellectuals' who even care or bother to engage with you in the discussions. Mind you, ordinarily these folks whould not engage in debates with except for the fact that the majority are compelled to do so because of your ignorance and penchant for half-baked articles full of propaganda and your constant attempts to distort the facts especially about our history.

By the way do you have to tell us you are a "certified high school English tutor"? What about those who are certified University Teachers but don't even bother to advertise it here?

SAS has a lot of growing up to do. Sad really!!!

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The trouble with you, "Dr" SAS
02-04 20:27