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The Brutal Dictatorship of Kwame Nkrumah II


Nana Ansah
2015-02-04 18:29:20
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To All Danquahserie Liars!

We need a whiff of fresh air in this forum after the Mate Mehu NPP spate of fart lies on Nkrumah from “Dr. SAS”. You bragarts are bankrupt of fresh ideas so you appeal to the barest instincts of your kinsfolk in a primitive emotional bath to invoke your latent Asafo tribal bigotry. You guys dwell on Nkrumah to make headlines otherwise there is nothing to write home about your hero Danquah. Can you guys for once write about the lazy mind Danquah without mentioning Nkrumah’s name? No? Then he is not worth mentioning.You guys have been fed on travesty of truth so all you do is to tell lies as ugly as the devil. Dr. SAS you cannot be the Judge and jury at same time.

Talking about devil, in fact the devil as they say lies in the details. You guys cannot blind out sequence of events to suit your whims and caprices. It will not work! The atrocious crime Danquah, Baafoe Akoto, R,R. Amponsah, UP mole Tawiah Adamarfio is by any measure less than the sentences they got. The vigilance and determination of Nkrumah’s government cemented and brought stability to the new nation Ghana.

Those who beg colonist to stay to perpetuate their arbitrariness on us cannot be trusted. Who knows Danquah better than his first wife who jumped ship to the CPP? So Nkrumah knew his secrets and his intentions. Stop portraying Danquah and cohorts as angels. They were the devil incarnation. The Mate Mehu was a criminal deviant terrorist group. Baffoe Akoto Hello! Their target was Nkrumah but they didn’t care how many died in the process. They will walk over dead bodies if that served their evil ways. And indeed they did it in the bloodiest coup ever in Ghanaian history on 24th Feb. 1966. Thousands of lives were lost for these belly thinkers.

So stop tormenting us with perennial lamentations of cry baby cry what Nkrumah did to Danquah nonsense. He wouldn’t have found himself behind bars if he was law abiding. Danquah cannot have his own way. He is not above the law. The PDA did not come like a bolt from the blue sky. He knew about it. As a lawyer by trade Danquah knew the rules of the game. He cannot be a judge and plaintiff to legitimate his crime. Danquah was a victim of his folly. He crossed the red line twice and was pardoned twice but each time he never kept his word. Nkrumah is nobody’s fool not for the third time. And by the way politics is as murky and as clear as mud. Not for faint heart Dandy and sunny weather province politician like Danquah.

The prerequisites under which a nation functions is law and order otherwise there will be anarchy. The interest of a nation come first not that of a disgruntled few sour losers. The Mate Mehu violence was quenched in a short and sweet way with the introduction of the PDA.

It is not wisdom but Authority that makes a law.
Thomas Hobbes

In the absence of law and order mankind is worst than animals. Left to their own devices mankind is violent/hostile by nature which is why s/he ought to be tamed by rule of law as well as regulations. The law is as old as mankind.

A fool he never learns. Now let me give you knucklehead some nuggets of wisdom. You eggheads must once and for all reject the idea every time a law is broken, somebody (in this case Nkrumah) is guilty rather than the lawbreaker (Danquah and cohorts). It is time for you brutes to recognize the highest precept that each individual is accountable for his actions. You guys claim to be Christians. Why do you think the Ten Commandments were made and presented to mankind? Not for the sheer fun of it. Without law and order, the only alternative is chaos. So learn to obey laws. Just deal with it!

I hope it is as clear as mud now, isn’t it? Since when did you blind bats that sleep upside down became wise? Now you notorious foolish stalker who goes by the name “Nyansasem”, you seem to have been dropped on your head as a baby, I don’t give a flying rat’s fart about mindless savages like you. By the count of three run as fast as you can, before I set my drones on you. Bo!

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Nana Ansah
02-04 18:29