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The Brutal Dictatorship of Kwame Nkrumah II

Comment: Thanks, INXS! I Am Tired of the Endless

G. K. Berko
2015-02-04 17:44:52
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G. K. Berko - a great post, your best

Thanks, INXS! I am tired of the endless raw hatred that many of these pseudo-renaissance, History-modifiers infuse into our Political discourse just so one side would outshine the other.

The Nation is undergoing a serious spate of economic and social convulsions, induced mostly by incurable, heartless, corrupt and inept Officials. And what we can do about it is reach back 50-60 years ago to find someone to blame for that?

Right now, I do not care if others would brand me a die-hard Nkrumahist or some forest monkey in NPP with a little education. I dare challenge the claimants of apex Academics, with long trailing higher Degrees to come down to Earth to us 'little bodies' to show us what is most practical in solving our Nation's predicament.

The answer does not necessarily lie in who wins the next Elections. The answer I strongly believe lies in how we re-think our response and treatment to the numerous cases of corruption and incompetence by our Officials. Let's not be side-swiped with the notion that only a particular Party could save us. It is our attitudes, our determined efforts to not only expose the hooligans and charlatans looting us but comprehensibly deal with them in the Courts to retrieve our stolen assets.

If in doing so the incumbent Administration is caught in the whirlwind because it simply just sat on the fringes to watch our Nation ravaged, so be it. The salvation of Ghana does not necessarily lie in the hands of any of the flagbearers. It lies in the hands of the people. We must pressure the Judiciary and the Legislature to act now. And we need every discerning, caring and patriotic Ghanaian on board. The Danquah and Nkrumah bashing contests would never get us there. But we should not take those modest achievements Nkrumah made for granted. They should be a reference point for our comparison with where we are now and could have been.

Long Live Ghana!!!

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02-04 01:07
Thanks, INXS! I Am Tired of the Endless
G. K. Berko
02-04 17:44