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The Brutal Dictatorship of Kwame Nkrumah II

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2015-02-04 16:46:51
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Knowledge has nothing to do with age but with education both in the formal and informal.Remember,I had my parents who were both educated and could pass on important information.Danquah and Grant were not looking for the immediate independence from the British because they did not believe to carry on the management of Gold Coast looking at the low human resources and their own economic interest.They had the opportunity to do it without Nkrumah so why couldn't they do it?Nkrumah came from a very poor background and has nothing to lose from the British colony but all to gain.He was down to earth with the ordinary people more than these 2 gentlemen,making it easy for him to organise the poor masses.Even today,those in the Danquah's camp still believe that Ghana was better under colonial government and will not mind if Ghana is recolonised,that's the difference.I quiet remember what my mother told me about Danquah's dishonesty.Don't forget when the Bond of 1844 was signed,the Fanti chiefs gave the British 100 years to stay here and trade,a renewable contract with the chiefs.The British did not renew the contract in 1944 so Danquah was sent by the Fanti Chiefs to go and ask for renewal of the contract in England or the British leave the Gold Coast.Do you know what happened?Danquah came back from England saying he has brought documents for a new contract that never was.From that point,the Fanti Chiefs asked Danquah to present the documents but he failed to do so.For the Fantes chiefs,it was a sheer display of dishonesty and vowed not to take him serious anymore.So this is one of the reasons why Danquah and Paa Grant agreed to bring in Nkrumah,a new face.This must tell you that Danquah lost his credibility.You see now,I have told you what you did not learn at school.Find out for yourself.Thank you.

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