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The Brutal Dictatorship of Kwame Nkrumah II

Comment: Not Takoradi Harbor

Mike Olongo, USA
2015-02-04 16:36:46
Comment to:

All that you have listed as achievements of Kwame Nkrumah (with the exception of the building of the Takoradi Harbor) are correct and are acknowledged and appreciated by most Ghanaians. However there was one dark spot in his Administration's modus operandi which raised eyebrows and which tends to be obscured by the overt glorification his ardent supporters accord him. That dark spot which was "His way or the Highway" with dire and sometimes lethal consequences in the event of any real or imagined opposition is what this writer and others are trying to highlight for the benefit of contemporary History. I think it is good for posterity to know that Nkrumah had some good socioeconomic policies for Ghana but also had a bad side when it comes to human right issues and the basic freedoms.

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02-04 01:07
Not Takoradi Harbor
Mike Olongo, USA
02-04 16:36