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The Brutal Dictatorship of Kwame Nkrumah II

Comment: Make it an article Sir!

Son of man
2015-02-04 15:29:15
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Thank you, Mr. Yeboah! The loudest elit

Mr Berko, kindly make this an article and post for us to read. Been in the US for sometime now has exposed me to both the beauty and the ugly side of democracy. Democracy in itself isnt without its challenges but it takes a lot to run a Western style democray then and now. We just dont have the tools hence some form of dictatorsihp is very necessary for us at that and also at this point of our development. Not everyting that works for the white man wil work for all humans. Our morals, customs, values, and resources are simply not the same. The white man will son be allowed to be marrying Goats and Cows, should we also do so in the name of democracy?

Those opposing and critisizing Kwame Nkrumah and Jerry Rawlings have a right to do so, if JB Danqua and or Afrifa were my relatives i will do the same. I however detest their blatant display of lies when they cry about democracy cos even some of things they do and say both in the open and behind close doors do not show this people as believeing in any form of democracy. Their ony obstacle was that political power wasnt avaliable to them when they needed it the most cos they would have done worst than Nkrumah and Jerry Rawlings combined.

Take some one like Okaomapa and his constant pouring of vernom on those he disagrees with. The man would do worse than all the dictators in history combined should he be given acess to political power. Nkrumah and Rawlings werent perfect but i doubt if their opponents would have done any better.

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02-04 01:07
Make it an article Sir!
Son of man
02-04 15:29