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The Brutal Dictatorship of Kwame Nkrumah II

Comment: Ours are being beaten...

2015-02-04 10:01:51
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Appeasing Prof. Okoampa!

Charles King Addo, you wrote it philosophically and brought forward the mindset of people who want to be called the dog of a person just because he or she is white, even if he is mentally retarded and can not mention a word, or the mental retardation is as a result of he or she been on drugs.
History have it that people are at times consumed by the monster they created. History had it that Socrates was the victim of his own student who forced him to drink hemlock because the former said that the gods do not exist.
J.B.Danquah was a victim of his own creation, the national liberation and liberation of the Negro that he spoke of but decided to like in tranquility in servitude. Tranquility in slavery was what national liberation opposed. National liberation is about being your own master in your own country, assessing your human dignity, self respect and freedom of action to chose your own friends.
Danquah was a man who took a pot to fetch freedom, but left it by the side of the sea because he was afraid of the roar of the sea and the turbulent waves. Thus he spoke of freedom only in his mother's kitchen and when freedom called at him he took to his heals.
The break-up of Nkrumah with the United Gold Coast Convention (the only political party in Gold Coast then) was when J.B. Danquah and Busia gave Dr. Kwame Nkrumah the hemlock to drink by telling the British colonial authorities that all the political agitation for independence were all the creation of Nkrumah.
Thus whiles Danquah took refuge away from the monster he created Nkrumah took the monster, chained it and use it to scare away colonialism.
It is on record that Komla Agbeli Gbedema assisted Kofi Abrefa Busia to escape from Ghana and financially assisted him whiles the latter was in Togo.
In 1969 whiles Busia was the leader of government business and Gbedema the leader of the opposition Busia does not want to see the face of his friend, now seen as his foe in parliament, because Gbedema propagated the ideas of socialism, which are words Busia the so-called democrat does not want to hear, as the democrats and republicans in the U.S. Congress do not want to hear the words socialism and communism. So it turned out that Busia has to give his friend in need a hemlock to drink by driving him out of parliament.
Rightist believe that they are the only people living on Earth and that others do not matter. They have it as an ordained right as they see it to kill and cause harm to others. But they as hatchet men fear seeing the hark man's machete.
It is on record that when Jake Obetseby Lamptey was under threat of death in Liberia during that country's civil war Mr. Portuphey took him from Liberia and brought him home, accommodate, feed him and gave him job. It seems as I have been writing for sometime, rightist have the memory of wasps as Ewhes say.
In 2001 when NPP was in power Jake Lamptey caused his grating in time of owes to be dismissed as head of the Ghana disaster organization. NPP ministers including Nana Akuffo Addo made sure that people who have been of help to them one or the other way are all imprisoned. I am yet to be made to know that whiles Tsatsu Tsikata, Selomey, Sipa Yankey, Kwame Pepra and others while in Nsawam were not given conditions better than what Danquah lived under, and I wish to add that during the time of Danquah's imprisonment Ghana was in transition to socialism and food in the prison was no problem as was under Rawlings and Kufuor's capitalism.
It is also on record that ministers and members of the CPP spend up to 7 years imprisonment under the NLC which adviser was Kofi Abrefa Busia and under his Progress Party government from 1969 to 13/1/1972. Communist literature and Nkrumah's books were banned by the NLC as well under Busia' PP regime. When my mother saw me reading books with the picture of Kwame Nkrumah on it she use to say so you are reading your fathers' books again. My father also happened to be called Kwame but was 3 years younger than Kwame Nkrumah. We wrote yesterday that under the directives of Dr. Kofi Busia, Boye Moses was caged like a wild animal and paraded through all the regional capitals of Ghana. S.S.Baffour-Awuah was put in a prison filled with water to his chin and mosquitoes were let into the sell to bite his head and face.
You see how these rightist do not have human feeling toward people who do not share the shameful sheepish, slavery in tranquility, demeaning of human dignity and rightist Neo-colonial ideas with them. They always think that it is only them that matter and others are just the cursed of the Earth.

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Ours are being beaten...
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