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The Brutal Dictatorship of Kwame Nkrumah II


2015-02-04 09:35:07
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What are strict democratic principles?

"..what Nkrumah did during his time in office to check acts of terrorism and chaos which is being practiced today some 40 years after his death."


You are either an idiot or illiterate to compare the PATRIOT ACT to PDA. You live in America but you don't know seem to know anything about America.

Why are you not in CUBA or RUSSIA but in the United States of all places? This is what I have observed from those idiotic followers of Nkrumah who support communism, socialism and dictatorship; they are always in the WEST. They have become PAPA SAMO, can't go home but won't keep their mouth shut about the barbaric practice they admire so much. Just like Nana Ansah who live in Germany and yet want to see people arrested and detained indefinitely.

Nana Ansah said the same thing and you are repeating that stupid statement. Can anyone of you give us example where a U.S Citizen had been arrested and detain indefinitely for any acts of terrorism? It has never happened and will never happen in any civilized society.

I know you are an idiot living the USA, but don't come back here and talk about Guantanamo bay because there aren't any American Citizen there. And like I said, unless some of you idiots think JB Danquah was a foreigner.

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