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The Brutal Dictatorship of Kwame Nkrumah II

Comment: The Doctor is such a bore.

Charlie King Addo
2015-02-04 08:26:35
Comment to:
The Brutal Dictatorship of Kwame Nkrumah II

Even our doctors behave like market women when it comes to peddling lies.

When an educated individual will find time to deceive himself thinking he can hoodwink us all at this day and age, we should all know our country is not going to get any better any time soon.

When I was a kid they said they overthrew the Nkrumah regime because he worshiped Kankan Nyame and that he Nkrumah had stolen eggs and that his eyes shall never close when he died. They called him “egg thief man”.
That was brains at work.

Today old men with gray hair are gossiping and bragging about the tactics the CIA used to tell the world how stupid we could be and that we deserved everything they threw at us.

Our education is no education if our rationale is this low. We have been spoon-fed with gibberish and that is the language we proudly speak.

Speaking in tongues indeed. A whole continent in stupor and we elbow our way to display who is more ignorant and naïve amongst the lot.

You mount a platform on a garbage dump and you will still find audience in their thousands. They would not even notice they stand in filth if only the subject matter is how to wipe the memories of Nkrumah permanently from our minds.
How that can be possible beats the hell out of me.

My question is even if you should achieve that, what do you replace his achievements with?
You cannot hide the physical monuments erected by the man to showcase Ghana that still stand as evidence till this very day.
That no one threw bombs at the man?
That the west did not want him eliminated and or liquidated as they did Lumumba?

You are old enough to do something to better the lives of needy Africans. If that is too much to ask, at least you could liberate yourself from mental bondage, that is to strive for consciousness that stretches beyond the periphery of academia.
Writing stupid essays will not help us get to the Promised Land, we so seek.

Doc, shouldn’t you be at work attending to afflicted spirits? You are such a bore.

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02-04 01:07
The Doctor is such a bore.
Charlie King Addo
02-04 08:26