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The Brutal Dictatorship of Kwame Nkrumah II

Comment: So Nkrumahistic.

2015-02-04 04:54:48
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Kwabena Yeboah, we are talking about the brutal suppression of human rights by a dictator and you trying to mitigate this with development projects the dictator embarked on? Hitler, Mao and Stalin developed their countries too and are you suggesting that we should not critique their atrocities? I also get tired of the Nkrumahists argument that Ghanaians would have been ignorant and uneducated without his educational policies. This is crap because although Nigerians never had Nkrumah they were equally educated like Ghanaians. In fact on a visit to Nigeria, Nkrumah was proud of the local government schools that were established in that country. Nkrumah did good things for the country, but his repressive and dictatorial much be condemned in no uncertain terms.
Additionally, he had in excess 250 million pounds left by the colonial Government to spend which he did on those projects and had to even spend to destabilize neighboring governments. In end he bankrupted the country and our foreign reserves stood at a meager 500, 000 pounds when he was overthrown.
We should stop hero worshiping Nkrumah.

Nkrumah on a visit to Nigeria speaking proudly of the local community schools

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02-04 01:07
So Nkrumahistic.
02-04 04:54