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The Brutal Dictatorship of Kwame Nkrumah II

Comment: So what?

2015-02-04 01:27:18
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CIA agent

Labeled the writer a CIA agent but answer the question put forward. A nation with a shaky foundation like ours is the result of Nkrumah's self-centered stinking ego. My question to his admirers is, why was he trying to unite Africa at a time he knew was impossible? Nkrumah threw our money all over the continent while Ghana remains like a pig pen. Trying to convince the then leaders of the various nations on the continent, he should have developed his own nation to stand the "test of time" by building roads, etc and instituting democratic principles with the rule of law at its zenith. None of these was done but being reckless and hungry for power, he was forcing himself to be viewed as the only man on the continent with two eyes. Those who were agitating for the gradual process of independent were right as well as the formation of the African Union. As we speak, our independent is just on paper. Why? Because we still depend on "donor nations" to support our budget and what is the sense in it? With all the natural resources, we cannot generate revenue to support ourselves. Nkrumah messed up big time and the ripple effect is what we are going through today.

The man did well with the money left for the nation during independent but he could have done more than to set his eyes on the entire continent of Africa.

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So what?
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