Regional News of Saturday, 1 March 2003

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Look into the Nkonya/Alavanyo boundary conflict -Dr Adjei

Dr Kwabena Adjei, NDC member for Biakoye, on Friday appealed to the government to appoint a committee of enquiry into the long standing boundary dispute between the Nkonyas and Alavanyos.

He said such a body could look into the causes of the conflict all over again and to undertake the necessary surveys to explicitly define the boundaries between the two traditional areas as a long-term measure.

The member had issued an urgent statement in Parliament on alleged murder of an Nkonya citizen masterminded by a group of people believed to be Alavanyo citizens on February 1.

Dr Adjei said farms belonging to Nkonyos were also vandalised.

He called for the identification of the financiers and beneficiaries of the illegal operations in the Kpeyitor Forest immediately to prevent the recurrence of the conflict.

He said a powerful timber taskforce could help check the illegal timber operations in the Nkonya-Alavanyo area in particular the Jasikan, Hohoe North, North Dayi Districts in general.

The member asked government to station a sizeable number of soldiers in the conflict area, which is a forest between the two areas.

He said that security agents sent to area had never been to the conflict area proper.

"The nation is therefore denied the full knowledge of the nature, scope, dynamics and processes of the conflict activities in the bush, thus all seem to be well when there is police presence in the towns but all is definitely not well in the bush.