General News of Monday, 25 August 2014

Source: Adomonline

Anita De Soso vindicated? US lady, Michelle renders apology

The professional nurse and philanthropist Michelle McGowan whose life was allegedly threatened by the National Women's Organiser of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Anita De Soso, has apologized to her for damaging her reputation and dragging her name into disrepute.

She however indicated that the comments had no bearing on the accuracy or otherwise of the allegations she had made against the recently appointed NADMO Deputy Coordinator.

Speaking on Adom FM's Dwaso Nsem, she said, “I am offering my heartfelt apology to her for any damage my statements have caused her.”

“Anything that I did to her, as a sister in Christ I’m sorry, it is unfortunate that things happened the way they did.”

According to Michelle, the purpose of her call was to bring peace between the two of them because she [Michele] realized that “a lot of horrible things have come out of the comments she made.”

Anita engaged Michelle in an impasse over some Ghanaian children with skin problems locally referred to as ‘Alligator children,’ who Michelle wanted to help get some medical treatment by raising funds to purchase medication.

Following the standoff, Anita was reportedly banned from entering the United States for allegedly threatening Michelle.

The National Women’s Organiser suffered a humiliation at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) on Monday August 4, when she was prevented from boarding a Delta Airlines flight to New York, ostensibly to join President John Mahama for a conference.

When Michelle was questioned on August 7 about the ban, she told Adom FM that, “the Anti-Corruption Squad tracked Anita, I don’t know what information they gathered on her but they flagged her when, instead of going for a conference in New York, she went to California. The conference was for a week, but she never made an appearance at the conference.”

However, Michelle said those comments were not made by her own discretion, but she acted upon information given to her by the US State Department.

She was unable to ascertain if those allegations were true or not, but said whether correct or incorrect she wants to bring the issue to a closure because she [Michelle], as well as Anita, have been hurt by the occurrences.

She said it was never her intention to hurt Anita and she is therefore apologising as a fellow human being for any harm her comments might have directly or indirectly inflicted on her, adding that “we are not supposed to hurt each other so if you hurt anyone you must apologise and it was never my intentions to hurt her.”

Anita De Soso, on the other hand, accepted her apology and advised her that “do not allow anyone to use you, next time try to tell the public the truth because what you said hurt me but because God is alive, I have been able to come out of it.”