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Alan Kyerematen to set up â??NPP Bankâ??

Comment: clueless

2014-07-17 11:11:00
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It is people like you fire should burn so Ghana can be put right. Why dont you counter his idea instead of fire burning him. it seems to me you got none!!! As to the Herald eagerly awaiting the source of funding, they should be rather clear and that they hope, it is going to be legitimate money if his idea of setting up a bank ever materializes, whether 2PP, YPP, or whatever bank. For one, Herald, you can attract investors to contribute 120 million, and presto with a banking license and a good crew you are good to go, at least, at this stage you cannot fault him for intentinally decimating a government-owned bank and then turning around to sell it to your cronies, ino be so! wallahi!

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